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Services or Offerings?
Get help with classroom audio, projectors, instructor computers, ECHO lecture capture, Document cameras

Use this service if you believe your main office computer is due for a replacement or as directed by ITS staff

Request provisioning and install of non-standard software applications.

Hardware/software issues with your Nazareth issued desktop,laptop or tablet

Faculty teaching in an Echo360 enabled room can request class sessions to be recorded and/or live-streamed using this electronic form.

Electronic forms and workflow automation.

The site offers instructor-focused tutorials and guides on campus supported teaching technologies.

Have a request or support need that doesn't appear in the Catalog? Please submit a General Support request.

Service form for Google accounts having issues due to 2Step Verification.

Request a new report or an enhancement to an existing report.

A budget request is a submission to seek funding for software, hardware and technology infrastructure requests.

Request a move of computers, phones, printers, and other office technology

A project request is the starting point for any project or initiative that requires ITS resources.

With NazPrint, you can submit print jobs and pick them up at a NazPrint Release Station located around campus.

Request computers, office phones, docks for faculty and staff