IT Project Requests


A project request is the starting point for any project that requires ITS resources.  Once submitted, the project request will then go through a review and approval process. Once the project request has been reviewed and a project has been approved, a Project will be created in TeamDynamix that can be used to manage the project information, deliverables, and schedule.  The project will not be active until it is prioritized during a monthly or quarterly ITS project meeting with the department heads in your division.

  • The project request service only guarantees that the project request will be reviewed, but there is no guarantee the project request will be approved.
  • Projects that require funding should be submitted as an IT Budget Request.  Once they are funded, they will become active and will be managed in TeamDynamix
  • If a project request is approved, an IT Project Manager will establish the planned start and end dates based on its prioritization within your division and staffing constraints.
  • The IT Project Manager and/or Functional Lead Analysts (FLAs) will follow up with you to work through the details of the project and help define its scope.


Project requests can be submitted by Nazareth faculty and staff.

Getting Started

Click on the Begin Project Request button on this page to get started.

Additional Resources

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