Personal PA/Lapel Mic request


For faculty teaching while wearing PPE, the following rooms have built-in voice amplification utilizing a wireless Shure microphone pack w/ lapel microphones.  Faculty may request their own personal lapel mic which they can keep with them for the semester if necessary. These will only work in the rooms listed below where the Shure microphone packs are present.

Smyth 321

Smyth 360

GAC 38

Media B

PH 12/14

WRI 250

Faculty teaching in other classrooms ( without built-in voice amplification) who determine that voice amplification is essential can be provided with a self-contained, personal PA unit.

Faculty who still have lapel mics and/or personal PA in their possession from last year may continue to use them as needed for 2022-23. If you no longer need these items, please return them to the Technology & Media Service Desk



Nazareth Faculty

Getting Started

Please review your classroom(s) to be certain that you will require voice amplification.  Some rooms are small enough where it may not be necessary.  If you determine that voice amplification assistance is needed,  click on the Request Service button to get started.

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