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To help ensure that new employees experience a smooth transition to Nazareth University’s technology environment, ITS has developed the following resource article for new employees and their supervisors.  It is requested that you create a separate support ticket for each issue.  Tickets are assigned to different support staff depending on the nature of the ticket so combining multiple requests into one ticket can be problematic and will delay the resolution of your requests.  Please refer to "Using this Portal" ( located in the menu at the top of this page) for additional information.

Requests for Computers

If an employee requires a computer for their work area, supervisors should submit an Office Equipment request though our Service Catalog at least 5 business days before the employee’s start date, to allow sufficient lead time for setup. Requests (both hardware and software) above and beyond the current computer technology standard, if approved, may require a special order so please allow additional time for such requests.   New employees may take possession of university-owned equipment on or after their official start date.

MyNaz Accounts and Google Accounts

All staff and faculty need a MyNaz username and password to access most network resources including your office computer login, Moodle and Nazareth Google email account.

  • Employees must have all required HR employment paperwork in place to receive a MyNaz account.  The account will be made active on the employee's official start date.  Adjunct faculty accounts will be available several weeks before the first day of classes for a particular semester.
  • New employees may obtain a one-time use code from the Technology & Media Service Desk (TMSD) when they arrive on campus, to set up their MyNaz password, challenge questions, and recovery email address.  This should be as soon as possible on or after the official start dateThe TMSD is located in the lower level of the Lorette Wilmot Library or you may call 389-2111.
  • MyNaz passwords expire every 90 days.   An automated email reminder with reset link will be sent several days before the password expires.


Google 2-Step Verification

All employee Nazareth Google accounts must be enrolled in 2-Step verification. You will be prompted to enroll when you first login to your Google account.  New employees have one month to enroll their accounts.  Accounts not enrolled after one month will be locked out at which point you will need to submit a request to the TMSD to unlock the account.


Requests for Phones

For office phones, please submit an Office Equipment request to have a phone setup. Five business days notice is generally recommended for new phone installations. Please indicate the building and office number where the phone is to be installed and the name of the employee to which it will belong. If there is a phone already available in the work area, you may submit a request to have any existing voicemail passwords reset and caller ID information updated.


Phones and Voicemail

See the Telephone and Voicemail page for help operating your office phone and setting up your voicemail.


Colleague/Informer Access

Supervisors must fill out the Enterprise access account request form detailing the level of access required for your position.  ITS will contact new staff employees to arrange a one-on-one training session on using the Colleague system.


VPN Access

Supervisors may request that employees be granted remote access via Virtual Private Network (VPN) to the University network if their position requires it. Supervisors may submit a service request and ITS will review it.


Shared drives (Naz-fs1 or “S” drive)

If the employee will require access to network file share folders, supervisors should submit a service request to the TMSD detailing the specific folder(s) or files required by the employee and level of access (i.e. full access or read-only).



Infobase Learning Cloud (formerly Hoonuit) has over 40,000 video tutorials on how to do things in over 120 computer applications and programs. Click here to learn more about Infobase Learning Cloud . You can use your MyNaz username and password to access the site.


ITS Policies

It is strongly recommended that employees review ITS policies, particularly the Computing Code of Conduct and Information Security Policy.


Care of Assigned Technology

All staff and faculty should exercise good care for any technology items assigned to them.  Items should be stored securely and not exposed to extreme heat or cold.  Computers, tablets and other electronics should be cleaned with a dry, lint-free cloth ( i.e Microfiber cloths) wherever possible. Never spray cleaning agents or liquids directly on a device.  If required,  spray on the cloth to slightly dampen then wipe down the device.  Do not attach stickers or other personal decorative items to the devices.


Termination of Access

Access to all Nazareth electronic resources (including email) will automatically be terminated (without prior notice) when employees leave Nazareth University. It is strongly advised that employees refrain from storing personal data in their Nazareth accounts or linking their Nazareth email account to personal services such as personal finance, streaming services, etc. Faculty retirees may keep their accounts upon request.  ALL employees must return any assigned technology, cleaned and in good condition ( see section on Care of Assigned Technology), to Human Resources or the Technology & Media Service Desk prior to or on the last day of employment.  Supervisors may be required to assist ITS staff in the recovery of employee technical assets.


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