Google Storage Policy Changes


Google recently announced that new storage limits for Google Workspace for Education (formerly known as G Suite for Education). This policy took effect in July, 2022.


Currently, students and alumni with Gmail accounts have unlimited storage for Google Drive, Gmail and Google Photos. Storage is no longer unlimited.  In order to prepare for Google's imposition of storage limits, we are asking account holders to review their current storage utilization and delete any unnecessary files/email messages and/or move them to alternative storage.


Account holders are asked to meet individual target storage limits of 16GB or less to align with overall storage  limits.  If overall storage utilization is not reduced to manageable levels, other storage management measures may need to be taken.  Please stay tuned for future announcements regarding account storage policies.


Storage management tips:


  • To view current storage, please visit:
  • To identify and delete large Drive files, please visit
  • In the email and Google Drive search field, look for files ending in .iso, .mp4, .mov, .jpg, .gif, .mp3  and .wav (sound, image and video files) to find large unnecessary storage utilization.
  • To perform a bulk deletion in email, select the square at the far left to “select all” and then choose the option below to select all conversations that match this search and then select “delete” from the trash can item above. You will be asked to “Confirm Bulk Action” and select OK.

REMEMBER  to empty the Trash to free up space - for both Email and Drive - after deleting email messages and Drive files.


Additional Resources

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Transfer Files from your Naz account to another Google account  Note: make sure you are logged into ONLY your Nazareth account when using Google Transfer. If you are logged in to your personal account you may get errors.  Your personal account must have sufficient space to accommodate the transferred files.

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